Packages & Prices

At the very least, you will need our core accountancy services, from there on you can add services that suit your business needs.

Core Cloud Accounting Services

From £45 per month

At the very least, you will need our core accountancy services which consists of tax returns, free cloud accountancy software and annual accounts IF a limited company. From there, you can then add services such as payroll and bookkeeping on top of this core accountancy service to create the perfect accountancy package for your business.

Cost over and above the £45 base rate will be for bookkeeping services. Bookkeeping services depend on the number of transactions to be allocated and will be quoted on based on a fixed rate for a 6 month period.

Cloud Payroll Service

£10 per month per employee as part of an accounting package

Creating and maintaining a legally compliant, cost effective and reliable payroll system can be very expensive, time consuming and challenging all of which can be done for you for a very small monthly fee.

Our payroll services to give you peace of mind that all of your employees are being paid on time, any necessary deductions such as student loans and sick pay are being deducted and that your payroll system is legally compliant. 

Tax compliance Service

From £200, once off

In order to comply with all tax compliance obligations, we support you through the process of preparing corporate and individual tax returns and all related preparation and subsequent work. In addition to corporate income tax, trade tax, VAT or income tax returns, we also prepare separate and uniform determination of profits, dividend withholding tax returns and preliminary VAT returns while also handling electronic submission to the tax authorities.

Virtual Advisory Service

Rate of £50 per hour or part there-off

Our virtual financial advisorsory service offers our clients advice via the internet utilizing various technological tools that make the process safe and convenient. We provide services such as financial planning and business planning.

Digital CFO

From £60 per month for monthly meeting and reports

Increasingly, the CFO is expected to drive corporate strategy, and to do that effectively, must possess skills and experience beyond the Finance function. Never before have the opportunities for organisations to drive advantage from the digital world been stronger. Introducing your Digital CFO for strategic financial planning and reports.

Budgets & Forecasting

From £35 per month as part of an accounting package

Planning, budgeting and forecasting in today’s fast-changing global economy requires organizations to be agile, with the ability to respond quickly to new market opportunities or threats. Success requires the ability to set corporate targets or budgets, combined with the ability to continually monitor performance and dynamically update planning assumptions and resource allocations on a periodic basis using dynamic planning techniques.

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