Biks Rama

Operations Manager

Biks Rama studied at the University of Durban Westville and Unisa, culminating in a cum laude graduation from Unisa School of Business Leadership. He has an internationally recognised Green Belt qualification on 6 Sigma Process Management & Control.

Biks worked at the Johnson & Johnson group of companies for over 26 years in various capacities, increasing in roles and responsibilities. For over 15 years he served as the Company Secretary and Finance Controller, having full accountability for the Finance Division, Payroll, and Price & Tender Administration. Biks was the originator of a BEE Medical company in 2006. He served as Finance Director, Managing Director, and Chief Operating Officer over 6 years. The company grew to R100m turnover within 4 years. After divesting from this company in 2012 and serving his 2 year restraint of trade he pursued other business opportunities.

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